Friday, December 11, 2009

Where to find Organization name in Mircosoft Dynamics CRM

Where to find my CRM Organization Name?

//updated +20110119

To find the right Organization Name, please follow the below steps:

MS CRM 2011 Online

When click on "Developer Resource" , we can see the organization name on next page

For MS CRM 4.0:
In IFD deployment,  you may find the Unique CRM Organization Name as part of URL

Internally, the organization name can also be part of the URL:

In MSCRM online deployment , we can find it in two places
1. Login to CRM, find the "Settings" link on left bottom, and click on "Customization" , and click on "Download wsdl" -- see the below image

2. In the Microsoft CRM Deployment Manager:

(start->programs->Microsoft Dynamics ->Deployment Manger, open the 'Organizations' folder)

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