Sunday, January 31, 2010

PIT Solutions extends Blue Brain association

Technopark based PIT Solutions to partner Blue Brain Project

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: PIT Solutions based at the Technopark in Thiruvananthapuram, which focuses on IT solutions to the small and medium sector, has extended its comprehensive IT support to the Blue Brain project.
The project is the first comprehensive attempt to reverse re-engineer the mammalian brain in order to understand brain function and dysfunction through detailed simulations.
PIT Solutions will continue to partner Dr Henry Markram, director of the Swiss Federal Institute’s (EPFL) Brain Mind Institute, for the Blue Brain project. Dr Markram said the mysteries of the mind could be solved, and that it was possible to have a supercomputer that models all the brain’s 100 trillion synapses.
The project attempts to build a computerized copy of a brain, starting with a rat’s brain, and progressing to a human brain, inside one of the world’s most powerful computers. The project hopes to bring into being a mind that will be able to think, reason, express will, lay down memories and perhaps even experience different emotions including love, anger, sadness, pain and joy.

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