Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Understanding and Analyzing iOS Application Crash Reports

Read the App Store Review Guidelines from Apple site.

Read Technical Note TN2151 Understanding and Analyzing  Crash Logs

How to symbolicate the crash reports to see the lines in our source code ?

got an answer from stackoverflow

1. Our application need to build with Build Settings ->  under Build Options, the value of 'Debug Information Format' key should be "Dwarf with dSYM File"

2. We should keep the source and binary files which we used to submit the application to store

3. Select XCode, window -> organizer. select Archieve. Select the build which we used to submit and 'show in Finder'

4. select the xxx.xarchieve and 'Show contents'. You will get the .dSYM file and the .app file from the contents.

5. put the .app, .dSYM and crash logs files in a folder

6. open Terminal appplication and go to this folder // using  cd command

7. execute the command
atos -arch armv7 -o memory_location_in_the_crashlogs

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